AFRACAL1-H RF Power Amplifier

The AFRACAL1-H is just 2U high, weighs just 8kg, and can be desktop placed, or mounted in a purposely designed rack for Base, Vehicular, Boat, and other moving Platforms.

The rack allows for rapid mount/dismount which makes it quick to install or replace in tight places.

The connectors are all in the rear for a clean front finish without the danger of cables being hooked and pulled.

The amplifier can withstand a bad VSWR and still deliver power to a partially damaged antenna to ensure communication could still be achieved during missions.

The Amplifier is fully controlled by the serial commands from the transceiver, automatically controlling the selection of low pass filter selection and PTT (TR Switches).

The Auto Sense capability will enable transceivers without serial command capability to drive the amplifier which would sense the TX frequency, select the appropriate filter, and key the PA.

The amplifier complies with MIL-STD-810G and is submersible to 1meter for 30 minutes.

Features List


  • LINEAR HF 125W
  • Rugged, Compact, Reliable
  • Radio user interface RS232
  • Automatic output filter select
  • Forward power indication LED
  • VSWR indication LED
  • HF RF Bypass indication LED
  • 1 m water immersion
  • 2-year warranty
  • MIL-STD-810 G