Antenna - HF Portable Dipole Kit

The Kit comprize of the canvas bag, dipole antenna with balun, 20 meter coaxial feeder and sum ground peg and cable.

The antenna wires are marked for convenience to roll out to the desired frequency, test and fine trim to enable <1.2 VSWR.

The quick reference guide in the see through pocket is easy to follow enabling the operator to deploy correctly in a very short time.


Features List


  • Frequency Range: 5-30 Mhz (user adjustable)
  • Power Rating: 100W PEP max.
  • Deployment Length: 20m
  • Balun Connector: BNC-F
  • Feeder Length: 20M RG58/223 BNC-M-M
  • Weight: <2kg
  • Documentation: Laminated Quick Ref Guide