The automatic 3-way Antenna Switch is installed into the rear of the Leopard1 Radio in place of the battery and facilitates the DC supply, antenna switching and tuner control commands.

In situations where only a manpack is deployed, e.g. a small base station, light skin vehicle, aircraft or small boat without an amplifier, this product will seamlessly and automatically connect the radio to the right in band antenna for optimal communications.

This product can be kept handy at all times and used on any Leopard1 Radio when the need arises.

The Antenna Switch is manufactured to MIL-STD-810G

Features List

DC PWR Input: 9-34Vdc

Input Connector:

  1. BNC-F 1.6-170/512MHz

Output Connector:

  1. N-Typ-F 1.6-30MHz
  2. N-Typ-F 30.1-88MHz
  3. N-Typ-F 100-170/512MHz


  • DC – 12V Nominal
  • RS232/485