Antenna - VHF Manpack

The VHF wide band tape whip antenna enables the soldier on the foot to send and receive text chats, transfer files or establish voice communications during tactical missions with the convenience of using only one antenna.

The 1650mm length provides reasonable efficiency while allowing easy deployment options for the entire VHF band, including Air band.

Mount and dismount is made easy by screw collet.


Features List


  • Frequency: 30-170 (175) Mhz
  • Power: 15W
  • VSWR <3.5
  • Length: 1180 mm
  • Weight: < 300 gm
  • Stainless steel multilayer tape material/
  • Connector: Modified BNC-F on M24 ring collet
  • Highly flexible and durable tape whip antenna for manpack applications.
  • The goose neck enables antenna to be bend upright with radio in various orientations.
  • The ring collet adapter enables the user to fit or remove the antenna easily at all angle.