Command and Control Base Station 1.6-170 / 512* Mhz

Single Radio Base Station:

For normal capacity Base Station requirements, a single radio Base Station configuration with only 1 exciter is deployed and the Afracal2 Amplifier automatically routes the 1-6 Mhz  to 88 Mhz signal through the 125W PA and from 88.1 Mhz up to 170 / 5128 Mhz signal is routed through the 2nd 100W Amplifier.

Dual Radio Base Station:

For higher capacity Command Base Station requirements, HF long distance communications will be required to be on standby at all times while medium distance VHF / AM communications are ongoing.  In such case, the dual radio Base Station is deployed utilising 2 Leopard1 radios connected to the Afracal2 Amplifier.  The top Radio will automatically be allocated to the 1.6-30 Mhz 125W Amplifier while the bottom radio will becomes the VHF/UHF* radio and utilise the 2nd 75W Amplifier for the VHF/UHF band, 30.1Mhz-170 / 512* Mhz.

Signal Routing:

  • The input routing to amplifiers are done automatically by the Afracal2 PA
  • The output filters are automatically switched in as per need.
  • The output signals are automatically routed to the correct in band antenna for HF 1.6-30 Mhz, VHFL for 30-88 Mhz and VHFH 88.1-170 / 512* Mhz to ensure the most efficient antenna is connected.


  • For HF Base Station Antenna we recommend two options;
    • Wide Band High Gain 3 wire Dipole antenna – 54 Meters long (ideal for main base stations and where space is available.)
    • Wide band lights weight 2×2 wire Dipole – 30 Meters long. (Ideal for field base stations where rapid deployment is required)
  • For VHF low band Base Station Antenna we recommend;
    • Wide band VHF (30-88 Mhz) Disc Cone antenna.
  • For VHF higher band to UHF Base Station Antenna we recommend;
    • Wide band V/UHF (100-512 Mhz) Disc Cone antenna.

Power Supply Options:

The Afracal2 accommodates a very wide range of DC supply, 10V – 32Vdc is automatically converted into a stable 24V DC to supply the internal parts as well as the Leopard1 Radio/s connected.

The Base Station can be connected directly to any DC source, however Sat-Com solutions include some options to ensure uninterrupted operations.

  1. AC PSU: With the AC Power Supply, the base station can run off a suitable sine wave inverter / UPS system and provide continuous operations.
  2. DC Inverter Charger PSU: With the Base Station Inverter Charger PSU unit installed, the base station operates directly off the 24V DC batteries while the Inverter will provide uninterrupted 240 AC ( 1000VA) to other devices in command and control room, such as PC’s, Monitors, cellphone and night vision devices etc. At the same time the batteries will be charged by the AC charger or the DC/SOLAR charger whichever is available at any given time.
  3. DC-Direct: In the event none of the above powe rsolutions are available, the Afracal2 Base Station can be operated from any Vehicle/Truck battery system, 12V or 24V

While the radio is connected and powered from the Amplifier, their internal radio chargers will charge the radio battery to be ready at all times for hot extraction in case of emergency to facilitate uncompromised communications