Caracal-1 HH

The Caracal-1 Hand-Held VHF Tactical Radio stands as a paramount solution in the realm of tactical operations.

Designed with military precision, its uncomplicated operation belies its highly effective capabilities. With a sleek and ergonomic design, this device delivers a seamless user experience, ensuring swift and reliable communication in the most demanding environments.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it offers secure and encrypted voice communication, enabling troops to transmit critical information with utmost confidentiality. Its robust transmit power ensures exceptional range, connecting units across vast distances, even in harsh terrains.

Additionally, this tactical radio boasts an intuitive interface, facilitating quick access to vital channels, and allowing for efficient command and control. Showcasing resilience and durability, it stands up to the rigors of combat, guaranteeing seamless performance under extreme conditions.

The Hand-Held VHF Tactical Radio exemplifies innovation, providing a steadfast communication tool that amplifies mission success, instills confidence, and sets the stage for victory on the battlefield.

Features List


Frequency Range – 30 to 88MHz
Channels               – 10 Programmable
Modes                    – FM
Power Source       – 12 VDC (nom) 10 – 36 VDC (operational)
RF Impedance     – 50-ohm nominal, unbalanced
Dimensions          – 140h x 73w x 48d mm (inc. GPS)
– 251h x 73w x 48d mm (inc. Battery and GPS)
Weight                  – 0.6 kg (excluding Battery)
Interfaces             – Serial RS232
A/F Power + Distortion  – Internal Speaker 1 W in 8 ohm, THD 10%
Battery Capacity               – Li-Ion (7.2 Ah) 0.4 kg each
Typical Mission Time      – >24 hrs (1:1:30) with 7.2 Ah Battery in Standby mode.
Power Consumption       – <300 mW @12 V (Conditional muted)


Power Output                   – 0.25, 1, 2, 5W
Audio Bandwidth            – 300 to 3000 Hz
Harmonic Suppression – >45 dB

Sensitivity               – 12 dB SINAD @ -116dBm TYP.
IF Rejection           – >70 dB
Audio Output        – Internal Speaker, Hot Shoe
Noise Reduction   – DSP Proprietary
– Compander (2:1)
Squelch Modes     – RF Level, CTCS

VOCODER              DATA RATES (B/S)
MELPe                    – 2400, 1200, (600, 480, 300) *
TWELP                   – 2400, 1200, (600, 480, 300) *
*(Export Controlled)

Shock, Vibration & Immersion   – MIL-STD-810G
EMI/RFI                                         – MIL-STD-461E
Operating Temperature               –  -30 to +65˚C
Storage Temperature                   –  -40 to +85˚ C


Hop Sequence           – OTP (One Time Pad), AES128
Hop Rate                    – 1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/400/600 hps
Hop Widths               –  1,2,5,10,20,40Mhz wide
Hopping Key             – OTP (One-Time-Pad) or AES128  on more than 40,000 nets.
Synchronization       – SPHS (Satellite-Pulse-Hopping-Synchronization);

SDV* (Secure Digital Voice) AES256 Encryption on VOCODER

The Caracal 1 is a lightweight extended mission VHF 30-88Mhz tactical radio which offers UN-SECURE and SECURE
Fast Frequency Hopping (OTP or AES128 based) up to 600hops per second in UN-SECURE and up to 200 hops per
second in SECURE mode provides clandestine operations and prevents EW jamming or interception.
Encrypted Digital Voice (AES256) ensures no communications can be deciphered.
The Caracal 1 is manufactured on similar standards as the Leopard and Cheetah radios milled out of T6 Aluminum
blocks, etched, epoxy powder coated, sealed to survive beyond 3m immersion, and drop resistant to ensure survival
throughout toughest operational conditions.
The Key-Generator is embedded in the Configuration Software and enables the user to create and manage their own
secure AES128, 256, and the OTP encryption keys for COMSEC and TRANSEC modes.

All VHF/UHF Features are interoperable with the Cheetah3+ and
Leopard1 Radio. Interoperability with other Military Radios is subject to
their implementation of MIL-STD and STANAG protocols.,