Cheetah3 VHF/UHF* (10W)

The Cheetah is a rugged and compact tactical lightweight MAN PACK RADIO which offers outstanding performance for portable missions. The radio offers continuous communication from 30 Mhz up to 512 Mhz in all modes. Voice communication is available through a standard headset or an integrated microphone and speaker. To cater for increased mobility the modem and GPS receiver are incorporated inside the radio.

The Cheetah is part of the Sat-Com Communication product portfolio and offers advanced features such as Automatic Link Establishment, Frequency Hopping and One-Time-Pad encryption to provide the user with a secure and reliable communication channel.

The radio is suitable for portable, mobile, base station, and repeater applications.

In the portable configuration, it provides  2, 5, 10 Watt.

When cross-connected to either another Cheetah3 or a Leopard1 radio it becomes the VHF/UHF side of the repeater and can deliver up to 10 Watt at effective height for the very large coverage area of up to 50+ kms.

A higher Transmit Power version, Cheetah3+ is capable of reaching 15W for extended range requirements.

When connected to the VRI or Afracal2 PA’s, the output is boosted up to 100W for mobile or mobile station applications for up to 75km and beyond in mobile and base station confirgurations.

Range in GTA (Ground to Air) of up to 220kms has been achieved.

Features List

  • Integrated modem, GPS receiver, tuner, speaker and microphone
  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged design (only 2.4kg)
  • Wideband digital Radio: 30-170/512* Mhz (all modes)
  • High Transmit Power: 10W FM & SSB
  • Transmit Power: 6W AM
  • Modes: USB,LSB,AM,FM,FSK,MSK (standard)
  • BPSK, QPSK, PSK, QAM, DSSS (optional)
  • Low standby current for extra-long battery life
  • TRANSEC: frequency hopping
  • COMSEC: encryption (With Optional Modem)
  • LINKING: 3G ALE (With Optional Modem)
  • 3hours @ 3meters water immersion.
  • 3 year warranty
  • MIL-STD-810


The radio is a military-grade handheld that complies to the MIL-STD-810G specifications. All enclosures are milled from T6-Aluminium and are covered with an epoxy powder coat. Weighing only 2.4kg, the Cheetah is the lightest wideband handheld radio on the market. The interface and controls are user-friendly and the latch-free magnetic battery fit mechanism enables a one-handed exchange of the battery. The radio can be fully controlled by the front panel as well as through the mobile PC-based application.


The radio outperforms any conventional portable system by covering a spectrum from 30Mhz to 170/512* Mhz. This true digital software-defined radio automatically processes and distinguishes between voice and data communication. The radio includes numerous standard waveforms that conform to NATO and U.S. military standards, allowing interoperability with other systems. The optional modem caters to Automatic Repeat Requests (ARQ) to ensure error-free transmission.


The integrated GPS receiver and antenna provide the user and commander time and position information which can be viewed in the field. The radio provides full Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) for situational awareness. The GPS transmission can be encrypted to protect whereabouts and locations.


The advanced power and battery management system incorporated in the radio offers a low standby power consumption of 3W. The standard 13 Ahr battery offers an operation time of over 50 hours.


The option of end-to-end encryption is integrated and enables high-grade security for data and voice. Optional Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) are available to users. This enables advanced features like frequency hopping (up to 600 hops per second) in one-time-pad encryption.


With the optional enhanced internal Modem, Secure Digital Voice with customer-generated AES256 Key will ensure the highest levels of communication security.


The radio data transfer software application can be used on any data terminal or PC to provide remote email and data functionality. The radio incorporates the Rapid Mobile tactical data modem that allows secure military tactical messaging, chat, email and situational awareness over the radio link. Depending on the waveform selected, data rates of up to 300kbps can be obtained.


With the MessagePoint or CommandPoint application, tactical chat between all radios is possible using a radio keypad, Data Terminal, or any windows operating Tablet PC or laptop.