The HORNET1 Handheld SDR meets modern battlefield requirements in flexibility, COMSEC, TRANSEC, and Broadband Capabilities in handheld, mobile, airborne, or infrastructure node tactical applications.

The HORNET’s MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) IP Mesh technology provides simultaneous encrypted Voice, Data, and Video.

The IP Mesh technology employed in the HORNET1 enables self-forming and self-healing network establishment of up to 64 nodes per network in any configuration in MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) operation.

Data bandwidth is automatically varied from 0.5 to 87 Mbps depending on the SNR level and the required data throughput by adapting the frequency bandwidth from 1.25 up to 20MHz while adapting the required modulation up to 64QAM.

10 Pre-programmed mission profiles can be pre-configured for rapid operator selection. Two independent full duplex audio (voice) channels are available on the network.

The Dual 1W RF output power transceivers achieve single link distances of up to 1.5km for non-line-of-sight (NLOS), while LOS distances beyond 15km are achievable between elevated sites or air-to-ground links.

The Hornet1 accessory battery capacity is designed to keep radios operational for up to 5 hours at 12Mbps continuous operation.

A built-in battery ensures the continuation of operation thus maintaining existing links during battery swop-outs.

Features List

TECHNOLOGY     – MIMO Mesh-Ultra

(Multiple-IN, Multiple-OUT)

LINKING                – MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network)

GROUPS               – 10 Pre-configured Talk Groups per network

ENCRYPTION       – AES128 or AES256 Options

DATA RATES        – 05Mbps up to 87MBps SNR dependent.

LATENCY              – under 180ms for video; less than 20ms for data

RF POWER            – 2W total RF output power.

RANGE                  – 1.5km NLOS, 15km LOS (Elevated)

MISSION TIME      – 12 hours (Voice and Video)

  • 5 hours @ 12Mbps continuous stream.

WEIGHT                – 920g incl Battery.

WATERPROOF     – 10 meters for 1 hour.


  • Dual PTT, volume, and function controls.
  • Microphone and Speaker.
    • Various headsets/handsets can be accommodated.
  • HOT SHOE provides Ethernet, RS232, USB, and I/O Accessory connectivity Options.


  • 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
  • Built-in GPS.



Frequency Band                1.98-2.70 GHz

Channels Select                10 Pre-Programmable

Power Supply                    Battery; 12Vdc

  • External; 8-18 Vdc

RF Impedance                   50Ω Unbalanced

Dimensions inc. Battery    72 x 265 x 40 (W x H x D)

Weight inc. Battery           920g



  • Audio interfacing Handset / Headset
  • Mission Selection 10 position Rotary
  • Hot-Shoe I/O USB, Ethernet, RS232

5 x I/O

2 x Audio IN

2 x Audio OUT


Audio Output            Head/handset or Internal Speaker

Audio Input                Head/handset or Internal Microphone



RF Output                 2 x 1W (+33dBm)

RF Sensitivity            1µV ????

Audio Performance   1W in 8Ω Speaker ~ 10% THD

  • 1W 4-250Ω Headset ~1% THD

Battery Capacity       72Wh at 11.1V

Mission Time            12 Hours (Voice and Video)

Waveforms               Auto Adaptive Modulation up to 64QAM

Bandwidth                1.25 – 20MHz Auto select to traffic.

Bit Rates                   Adaptive up to 87Mbps



Environmental Standard         MIL-STD-810H

  • Temperature (Storage) -30°C to +85°C (501.5/502.5)
  • Temperature (Operational) -20°C to +65°C (501.5/502.5)
  • Shock 40g’s 15ms in XYZ, 516.6 proc. I

26 drops, 122cm, 516.6 proc. IV

  • Vibration XYZ, 514.6C-7
  • Immersion 10m for 1 hour, 512.5, Procedure I

EMI/RFI Standard                   MIL-STD-461E



Interference Avoidance (IAS)  Token Based.

Flexible channel bandwidth and variable power levels.

Low Probability of Exploitation LPE

Low Probability of Detection LPD



Encryption Standards              FIPS140-2 compliant

AES128 / AES256