MiMo Advantages.

In operational terminology, multiple users with this Hornet-PRR radio deployed in a large open field, densely populated city center, or thick forest area would be able to communicate with voice and data (Video) through the MANET (Mesh) network.  The Hornet-PRR radios would route through the best data rate options automatically, maintaining contact from end to end.

The Hornet-PRR is a compact, lightweight, and low-powered (2 x 100mW) radio that is clipped to the webbing/belt and operated by a handset/headset with PTT.  The video cameras may be helmet and/or chest-mounted.

The typical radio-to-radio range is 300 – 500 meters but meshed through a string, the end-to-end range could be up to 20km.

The HORNET-PRR is fully compatible with the HORNET-1 which is a higher-powered radio to form a strong mesh node for extended range when placed in the center of the group, up in a tree, on a hill, or on a drone.  The Hornet-1 MiMo radio is a 2 x 1W radio providing coverage of 1.5 to 15km.

Features List

MIMO Mesh-Ultra technology (MANET)
AES128 or AES256 Encryption Options
Programmable over the air
Adaptive Data rates 05.Mbps up to 87MBps SNR dependent.
Low latency, under 180ms for video; less than 20ms for data
2x SD/HD-SDI Powered Camera input (5VDC, encoders embedded)
2x 100mW total RF output power
Ethernet and RS485, Accessory Options
Standard Rapid Mission Time: 4 hours with built-in Battery (continuous 12Mbps operation)
Extended Mission Time: 23 hours of Battery Life with external battery (continuous 12Mbps
Built-In GPS for Situational Awareness, (Position Tracking)
Compact, lightweight Rugged Design.




  • Frequency Range  – 1.98-2.70 GHz (other Frequency models available on request)
  • Channel                  – 1 TX + up to 16 RX (Configurable)
  • Power Source        – 12VDC (nom) 8-18VDC (operational)
  • RF Impedance      – 50-ohm nominal, unbalanced
  • Dimensions          – 60w x 136h x 38d mm
  • Weight                   – 250g
  • Interfaces              – Headset (MIC, SPK, PTT)
    – Rotary Volume
    – Aux (Ethernet, RS485)
    – TNC x2 Antenna
    – HD-BNC x2 (SD/HD-SDI video Input 75Ω
    – Power (8-18V)
  • Battery Capacity  – 1400mWh, 11.1V Nom.
  • Expected Mission Time – 4 hours (Voice Data)
  • Extended Mission Time – 23 hours (Voice and reduced Data rates)