Leopard1 HIGH Power Repeater / Re-Bro

Deployment Options:

The Sat-Com radios are all capable of being connected to any other Sat-Com radio via a cross-connect cable for combinations of Crossband or Re-Bro Systems

  • Leopard1 – Leopard1 HF – VHF/UHF
  • Leopard1 – Cheetah3 HF – VHF/UHF
  • Cheetah3 – Cheetah3 VHF – UHF

In Cross-Connect Mode,  audio is routed straight through (Transparent) to allow COMSEC (Secure Digital Voice) to be used via the repeater/re-bro.

Features List


  • Re-Bro Frequency Range: 1.6 – 30 to 30 – 88 or 88 – 170/512 Mhz
  • RX sensitivity: -112dBm
  • TX Power: HF 1.6-30 -up to 125W
  • TX Power: VHF 30-88 -up to 100W
  • TX Power: V/UHF 88 – 170 / 512* up to 100W
  • Power Supply: 10-32Vdc

System Recommended Options:

Power Supply:

  • For a semi/permanent repeater system, the Sat-Com Repeater PSU unit SKU# PS-PB-R is recommended which includes a 12V AC- DC and DC SOLAR Charger.
  • Up to 3 x 120W Flexible Solar panels can be connected to the power Box, however, any DC up to 18V can be connected to charge the Repeater Battery.
  • The AC input Range is 160 – 270 Vac to charge the battery.
  • The Repeater Battery could be 100 – 200 Ahr @ 12V depending on the required mission or UP time expected with available sun hours for the location.


  • For HF the following Antenna is recommended:
    • Wide Band HF DIPOLE (1.6-30 Mhz)
  • For VHF the following Antenna is recommended:
    • Wide Band VHF Disc Cone (30-88 Mhz)
    • Narrow Band Option: Dipole Stack or Co-Linear
  • For V/UHF the following Antenna is recommended:
    • Wide Band V/UHF Disc Cone (100-512 Mhz)
    • Option: Dipole Stack or Co-Linear