Leopard1-GTA VU Manpack

The Leopard1 GTAV/U is a compact, rugged, and lightweight wideband military Airband radio which offers uncompromised communication for tactical missions in the VHF, and UHF bands. A GPS receiver is integrated into the radio allowing for position reporting and accurate time synchronization for optional Frequency Hopping.

The Leopard1-GTAV/U Airband radio is configurable for Man-Portable, Mobile, Base, and Re-Bro (Relay) station applications.

It can be connected to the VHF / UHF Power Amplifier should more output power be required, however, the radio on its own is capable of communication over hundreds of kilometers into the sky.

Secure Communications (COMSEC) can be added to ensure encrypted communication during missions to Air Forces aircraft can’t be understood while all ground-based Air Forces stations with COMSEC enabled can communicate to and from each other, to aircraft fitted with ST-1 terminals as well as to Naval and Army Forces with Leopard1, Cheetah3, Badger1 radios in Man Pack, Base and Vehicular station configurations.

The operator in Air Forces Aircraft would just add the Sat-Com Encryption Terminal ST-1 between the headset and the Airband radio to be able to decipher the encrypted communications from all other Sat-Com radios with COMSEC or other radios fitted with ST-1 terminals.
Open Radio communication from Civilian aircraft and air command is passing through automatically and open Radio communication to Civilian aircraft and air command is achieved through a mere push of a button to go unsecured.  To return to secure mode, the operator would just push the Encryption Button.


  • AFRACAL2-VU Dual-band PA; VHF/UHF is amplified to 100W (FM) and 25W(AM)

Features List

  • Airband Man-Pack
    • VHF GTA 112 – 160Mhz
    • UHF GTA 225 – 400Mhz
  • High Power in Airband: 15W AM
  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged design
  • 3 m water immersion
  • Extra long battery life.
  • Voice and Text.
  • Modes: AM,FM,FSK,MSK (standard)
  • Standard: Internal GPS receiver, Built-In speaker, and microphone
  • Optional Advanced integrated modem for COMSEC
  • Optional Fast Frequency Hopping for TRANSEC.
  • 2-year warranty
  • MIL-STD-810G