Lightning Surge Protector

The LIGHT-PROT-250W (LSP) covers a wide frequency range spanning from DC to 512MHz and has a power handling capacity of 250W.
The LSP is purpose-built to safeguard critical RF equipment from potentially damaging lightning-induced surges.

Featuring advanced gas discharge surge protection technology, the LIGHT-PROT-250W effectively diverts power surges away from sensitive RF components, ensuring their uninterrupted
operation and preserving their integrity.

The compact and durable design allows for seamless integration into various RF applications.

It sold in a kit form which includes the LSP, 10m jumper cable, and a 5m earth cable.

During installation, the exiting antenna feeder is removed from the radio or RF amplifier and installed onto one side of the LSP, and the 10m jumper is installed on the other side, and then the jumper is installed onto the Radio or RF Amplifier.  One side of the earth cable is installed onto the earth bolt and tightened with the brass wing nut, and the other side is installed onto an earth point or earth mat.

With a focus on quality, the LIGHT-PROT-250W is constructed to meet stringent standards, ensuring longevity and consistent performance, even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

Features List

– Frequency range: 1MHz – 512MHz
– VSWR 1.1:1
– Max Power: 250W
– N-type Female to N-type Female connectors

Lightning Protection Installation
Lightning Protection Installation
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • available as a unit on its own.
  • Complete Kit available.