NVIS Manpack Broadband Antenna

The NVIS Manpack Antenna antenna light is light, and portable and will provide a far better signal quality in the skip sone when a traditional whip antenna is not effective and a dipole or elevation mast is not available.

The antenna does not require an elevation kit such as a mast since deployment could be on or just above the ground.


  • The transformer is merely screwed onto the Manpack radio, and the radiating wire is attached and deployed perpendicular to the expected communications direction, either in sloping or flat on the ground depending on ground conditions.
  • A counterpoise grounding wire and the peg are attached to the radio and the counterpoise wire is deployed in the opposite direction of radiating wire.
  • When the ground is damp or wet, it would be advised to elevate a little, above ground using any non-conducting materials.
  • If the ground is dry, the wire can be deployed on the ground.
  • The user then dials the communication frequency and starts communicating.
  • In most cases, tuning is not required since the match is broadband.

Features List

Parts List in Kit:

Radiator wire
Sectional Whip (optional)
Counterpoise cable
Carry Bag
Quick Reference guide.

Specification Typical Value
Frequency Range 1.6-30Mhz
Power Handling 100W SSB
Polarization Skywave (NVIS)
Matching SWR <1:2.5 typical
Mounting to Radio Modified BNC-M / M25x1.25 Threaded spindle
Radiator Wire Length Spade onto thumb screw.
Radiator wire attachment M5 captive brass thumb screw for wire or spade
Radiator whip Length* 2.7 – 5m sectional whip
Radiator Whip attachment M14 x 1.5 thread
Grounding Point 4mm Diameter hole for counterpoise wire.
Weight 350g
Temperature range -40 …..+70°C