Radio Gatway Switch

The Radio Gateway Switch (interoperability harness) is designed to enable radio operators to cross-connect radios of various brands and capabilities.

The traffic passed on is demodulated baseband audio which means two networks that are not interoperable can be linked while remaining in their respective COMSEC and TRANSEC modes.

The RGS includes signal conditioning and flexible cross-connect control which is more advanced than the standard Sat-Com Re-Bro and Repeater Harnesses as used between Sat-Com Radio equipment where the control and set-up of the radios cater for successful cross connection.

The RGS is capable of facilitating that function when radios are used when such settings are not known or available.


Features List

  • DC POwer Input: 12-24Vdc
  • Audio Levels:  Adjustable 1Vpp in 600Ohm.
  • PTT Level: Active Low.
  • Squelch /COR: VOX / Active Low
  • Hand/Headset Impedance: 150-600Ohm
  • Cables Supplied: External DC connector, Radio A, Radio B (Customer to select  for which radios)
  • Routing Modes:
    • Radio A to Radio B
    • Radio B to Radio A
    • Radio A to Radio Ba and radio B to Radio A
    • Isolate