VIS- Vehicle Intercom System (Analog)

Up to TWO Tactical Radios can be connected to the Radio Control Unit (RCU) which can accommodate up to two Commander Units (COM)

Multiple Crew User Units (CUU) can be tethered to a Commander Unit (COM).

The Commander User Unit (COM) can Monitor Radio-A and Radio-B, select on which, A or B, to talk (PTT), and can select to monitor and talk on the intercom.

The Crew Unit Regular (CUR) can monitor radio A or radio B, monitor and talk on the Intercom, or monitor ALL and talk on the intercom.

The Crew Unit Basic (CUB) can only monitor and talk on the Intercom.

All units have auto mic mute and own volume control.

For turreted vehicles, such as Battle Tanks, the Slip Ring Units (SRU and (SRD) require just two isolated conductive wires to further extend and tether beyond the slip ring contacts.

Power to the VIS can be from the Radio or Amplifier.

The Power Supply Unit (PWR) requires 12 / 242 V dc to power for the vehicle to power the units downstream of the Slip Rings.

All the switches, connectors, and dials are carefully selected to be tough to provide outstanding quality for a long time under harsh conditions.

Features List

  • Rugged MIL-STD-810G
  • Flexible, up to many users can be tethered.
  • 12/24 Vdc systems
  • Require only 2 slip ring Contacts.
  • Auto Mic Mute.
  • VOX capability.
  • Up to 2 Multiband Radios can be monitored and controlled to PTT
  • All military Connectors.