Wide Network System

The Wide Network System (WNS) will enable integration of all existing and new communication devices spanning from Secure Field Radio networks, Digital Mobile Radios, GSM telephones, PABX and Varios telephones including Field telephones.

The System can be deployed in a local area, or in a country wide network linking various networks via Telco or Radio links.

The WNS is scale-able and can be upgraded as capacity grows.

Typical front line units will be in Fly-Away ruggedised cases, includes DC and AC power supplies in dual format to ensure 100% up-time.

The wide power supply range ensures, any available power would most probably enough to run the WNS.

Features List


  • Foreign eXchange Office (FXO)
  • Foreign eXchange Subscriber (FXS)
  • 4W/2W E&M
  • T1/E1;supports CAS、ISDN signaling
  • T1/E1;supports ANSI T1.403
  • Annex C signaling
  • Auto Ring Down circuits
  • Manual Ring Down circuits
  • Radio Trunk (Tx/Rx/GND/PTT)
  • Serial Interface (RS‐232/422, IP)
  • 10/100M Ethernet
  • Voice Codec: supports G711a/μ、
    G.723.1、G.726、G.729 etc.
  • External voice
  • Others: recording device, public address,
    alarms and etc.

Dual Power Input: 

  • 90~230 VAC,50~60 Hz
  • 9~36 VDC

Environmental: MIL‐STD‐810F 


Supported interface modules: 

  • IS‐03454 (install two for redundant)
    4 port E&M card for connecting 4 radios/PAs/Alarms
  • IS‐03554 (pair used)
    4 port PTT box Control card for connecting position E1 loop
  • IS‐03504
    4 port T1/E1 card for connecting E1/T1/voice recorder
  • IS‐03304
    4 port ARD/MRD card for connecting FXO/FXS/ARD/MRD
  • IS‐033D8
    8 port FXO card
  • IS‐033S8
    8 port FXS card