Africa Air and Defence Exhibition, AAD 2020


We will demonstrate how the various configurations can all communicate across all platforms in full COMSE, TRANSEC and LINKING modes between manpack without additional display device, manpack with small data terminal, base station, mobile stations with voice and data.

We’ll also demonstrate how we can repeat and re-broadcast normal walkie talkies onto HF and vice versa linking legacy equipment and paramilitary communication equipment into our Military communications networks.

Features List

Demonstration Agenda:

a) Multi-band, Multi-role capability of ALL equipment.

  • Leopard1 HU
  • Cheetah3 VU
  • Eagle 19″ GTA
  • Shark HH 19″
  • Afracal2 Dual 125W H/V/U Power Amplifier
  • Afracal-1000 1kW HF Power Amplifier

b) 125W Base and Mobile station Configuration

c) 125 / 100W High Power Re-Bro/Repeater Configuration.

d) 200W GTA 19″ Eagle SDR

e) 125W HH 19″ Naval Radio

e) 1kW Base Station

f) TacTalk data, file, voice, text/chat, and e-mail application included with TacTalk+ Situational Awareness.