Military Joint Projects

Sat-Com is available to embark on Joint Venture Projects (JVP) to assist end users to either develop or co-develop their own communications products to meet their own requirements.


  • The Leopard-B1 (Blank Head) transceiver module was developed to enable end users to just attache their own control head with own user interface creating their own transceiver.
  • The VRI (VHF Vehicle Radio Interface) was developed to end user requirements providing VHF amplification the the CHeetah3 light weight Manpack.
  • The Filed Radio Portable Station was developed for the NDF Artillery to provide uninterrupted VHF communications between the firing point and the target observation points during training exercises.


  • Non GPS synchronized Hopping is in development to end user specifications to facilitate end user requirements.
  • Integration of applications into the Sat-Com Radio configuration application provides a ONE-STOP application during radio profiling;
    • 3G-ALE configuration module
    • AES-256 Encryption Key Generator (EKG)
    • MessagePoint configuration