TacTalk+ Situational Awareness Application

TacTalk+ is a Microsoft® Windows® Situational Awareness (SA) Application that aids Commanders on all levels in operational theatre a visualization, communication, and intelligent unit control.

The positions of Radio and Terminal devices and other symbols are overlaid on a comprehensive built-in offline base map and combined with easy-to-use chat messaging to individuals or all members of the group. The intuitive interface can be used for tracking, navigation, and coordination.

TacTalk+ will ensure they get delivered accurately to selected Call Signs on the radio network.

Messages and Voice calls between TacTalk+ to TacTalk enabled as well as radios without either are seamless.

Tracking in TacTalk+ of any TacTalk enabled as well as radios or terminals without TacTalk is seamless.

Features List

  • Situational Awareness, Blue Force Tracking, Command & Control
  • Built-in Offline Base Maps: Vector and Image
  • Touch-screen User Interface Design
  • Tracklogs, Messaging, Zones, Alarms, Digital Voice Calls
  • Interoperability with RT Devices: RT1, RT3, RT5 & RT7
  • Message transfer progress indication
  • Successful Delivery indication & Notification
  • Broadcast on all scan list frequencies
  • Interface seamlessly with TacTalk Operational Application
  • Tracking of Radios without TacTalk and TacTalk+
  • MS Windows® Software Package


TacTalk+ enables its operator to track friendly units. Tracklog trails are provided for all friendly units. The speed and bearing of friendly units are displayed on the map.


TacTalk+ enables operators to plot Enemy Treats observed and distribute their locations for immediate action to the nearest tactical unit to either to attack or withdraw for a better tactical position. Tracking the movement of Blue Force will keep the commander in control of the mission.


Neutral symbols, such as reference points, can be created and sent to all users in the network. Neutral symbols can also be received from RT Tactical Terminals in the operational theatre. HOSTILE SYMBOLS (RED) All Enemy Position reports from RT Tactical Terminals are displayed as hostile symbols on the map. These reports can also be created using RT TacTalk+.


All Counter Insurgence (COIN) reports from RT Tactical Terminals are displayed as COIN symbols on the map. (MOOTW)


Tactical Terminals can transmit attack and emergency QuickCode alerts. These alerts are drawn as Friendly symbol modifiers on the RT TacTalk+ map. QuickCodes can be sent at an SNR as low as – 6dB.


A rich set of geofencing zone creation tools are available to the operator. The operator is able to define forbidden and safe zones that generate alarm events upon the entry or exit of a friendly unit respectively. Proximity zones can be attached to symbols as well (creates a radius around the selected symbol that triggers upon an entry event). Pre-defined messages can be attached to zones, which are sent when a zone event occurs.


TacTalk+ displays the operator’s own speed and bearing on the map in an intuitive manner. Any symbol on the map can be tracked. The distance and bearing to the tracked symbol are provided.



Access to the software is restricted by means of an Access Code. All sensitive data can be erased by selecting the Zeroize function.


Each installation includes a comprehensive base map for the user’s desired region (custom regions are available). Satellite images are provided up to a scale of 1:70,000. OpenStreetMap layers continue up to a scale of 1:2000. OpenSeaMap Seamarks and GEBCO bathymetry data are overlaid on top of all layers. S-57 Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) are supported.


The Sat-Com Communications Stack forms the basis of both the RT Tactical Terminals and RT TacTalk+ software. It allows the seamless flow of secure digital voice and data through radios or devices fitted with the Sat-Com Modem technology.


TacTalk+ provides voice call information and voice call control capabilities to the operator. A recent call list and missed call indications are also available to the operator. Sat-Com’s advanced SDV technology offers vocoder rates as low as 300 bps (modem family dependent).


The RT TacTalk+ user interface has been designed to be used from a touch interface as is commonly found in Tablet PCs. The on-screen keypad and button sizes have been designed to be large enough so as to be easily usable.