Successful Radio Field Trial

During the month of May, the Sat-Com sales team performed a very successful field trial in Tanzania.

During the field trial, the Sat-Com Leopard, Cheetah, and Afracal communication equipment were showcased to the customer in performing secure communications in HF, VHF, and UHF with Data.

Day One was primarily a boardroom display of the many capabilities between manpack, base station, mobile, and re-bro (relay) configurations.

  • Data Transmission between two radios using the TacTalk application was demonstrated where voice calls were made, chat, and file transfer of Text, MS Word, MS Excel, jpg, pdf, and tiff files was sent and received.  File sizes of fe kB up to 72MB were sent successfully.
  • Situational Awareness of blue forces radios was demonstrated on a map with tacTalk+
    Voice Calls, File transfers, Forms, and e-mails were sent and received.

Day Two was the actual Field Trial during which two sites were established 195 km apart.  a 3rd Base in Namibia, some 3000km away was also part of the field trial.
During the field trial, all the above activities were successfully repeated.

  • Base Station to Base station as well as Base Station to Mobile station transmissions of 100W and up to 1000W over the 195kms were successful.
    Signal qualities of 5/7 up to 5/8 were recorded over the 195km distance.
  • Base Station at 140W to a Manpack on 30W over 195km was successfully demonstrated.
    Signal qualities of  4/6 to /6 were reported.
  • Base Station to Base station, as well as Mobile Station between both sites in Tanzania and a Base Station in Windhoek Namibia some 3000km, was successfully demonstrated, and signal qualities of 5/7 were recorded.
  • During the evening, night, and next morning, the customer operators successfully communicated between East, West, South, North, and even to cross-border units.

Day Three was allocated to Ground-to-Air testing.  GTA Communications between a Base Station in Dar es Salaam to a fighter jet some 1ookm away was established.

During the debriefing, signal Command expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the Sat-Com sales team.
The customer is impressed by the quality and performance of the equipment.